CHARLIE sometimes (fleeingpumpkin) wrote in hllc,
CHARLIE sometimes

I return.

Muawjajajaja... The Magical Mystical Charlotte returns.... bearer of good news i am... Meg ol' buddy ol pal... have you noticed our new member... I also bring with me photos!

First up we have Emma sporting a lovely scarf and frowning to the left of you...or is that the right... Meh. Whats the bet Emma dyes her hair... Im betting she atleast gets the top of it lighter... it wasnt like that before...



....This is a new one too.

Oh yeah... my work here is so done. :D

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hmmm... have to agree wif u there.
i mean she says she's a natural blonde but u can see the regrowth, shes definately a brunette, blonde wanna be! pffft
lol yups!

...and her eyebrows dont have any blonde through them. My natural hair colour is blondey but its dark underneath so i have dark eyebrows with blonde through them... She cant even use that excuse :p